A singularity that is our strenght

GIRPA was established in 1992 by an association of three partners sharing a common concern for research on food and environmental security :

  • The Ministry of Agriculture and Food via the Pays de la Loire SRAL (Regional Food Service),
  • The University of Angers via the Faculty of Sciences,
  • The agricultural union FREDON Pays de la Loire.

Expected outcome:

  • To develop and confirm reliable and concrete analysis methods
  • To provide the State with decision-making tools.

The combination of university background and INRA's strong presence, a "State" client demanding fair results that comply with regulations, resulted in an atypical model in the world of analysis laboratories, strongly commited to the notions of:

transparency - regulation - transmission and service

  • In 1999, we received our first  G.L.P. recognition from the G.I.P.C.
    ( Inter-ministerial Chemicals Group) which has never been disrupted.
  • In 2005, we obtained our first flexible scope accreditation on water.
  • In 2007, the state restructured its services and its agents vacated the laboratory. GIRPA became strictly non-governmental and administered by producers.
  • In 2013, the laboratory became the sole owner of its production equipment.
  • 2019, saw the start of the ARTISANALYSIS which gave a new impulse to the laboratory, ensuring growth...
  • In 2020, we aim to accompany you in many exciting projects to meet your needs and expectations !


A mutidisciplinary expertise

Our expertise is broadly recognised in Europe as we act as a leading reference laboratory on various themes such as :

We are qualified to work on any matrix support :

  • The vegetable sector and the processed products affiliated 
  • Animals and the by-products
  • The environment with water, air and soil
  • Personal Protective Equipements

For several years now, our analytical expertise has been opening up to many organic contaminants, such as :

  • Pesticide residues (phyto or biocidal uses)
  • Veterinary medicinal products
  • Antibiotics
  • Mycotoxins
  • PAHs
  • Alkaloids
  • Newly formed products (acrylamide...)

Our commitment is to take the time, with you, to analyse your problems in order to provide you with the best analytical solution(s) that will be the right answer to your needs. By co-constructing this solution, we ensure transparency, adding an educational perspective to the process, but above all it ensures that our analysis will be enhanced by your care.