Constantly improving, our second nature

The laboratory has a quality, health and safety and environmental led focus, with quality being built into all of its processes. We achieve and attain a comprehensive range of accreditations and certifications providing our clients with the peace of mind that our processes, technical expertise and services are quality assured.


"chemical products"

Recognised G.L.P. since 1999 in all three areas:

  • 01, storage stability ;
  • 05, water - air - soil ;
  • 06, residue testing;
  • 08, method validation.

The system is fully functional and we have the capacity to take the lead in conducting research or to take primary responsibility for the analytical phase. We are used to working with many non-integrated or integrated test operators.

cofrac accreditation

Scope tests available at www.cofrac.fr

Since 2005, our flexible scope accreditation grants us recognition for our ability to develop and validate dosage methods. This flexible scope enables us to quickly increment a parameter, a method as long as it remains within our established areas of competence.

  • Dosage of plant protection products in multi-residue method, on vegetable oils, MAPPs waters, dairy products, honey, cereals
  • Specific dosage of glyphosate, glufosinate, etephon, fosetyl Al, dithiocarbamates


Ministry of Agriculture

As a former laboratory of the French General Directorate of Food (DGAL) we have a strategic connection with ministry officials.

To this day, we have four approvals that set out our scope of action for the Ministry:

  • Approval for multi-residue analysis on plant productions,
  • Approval for analysis by specific methods on plant productions,
  • Approval for the analysis of bees in the context of mass fatalities,
  • Approval for the specific analysis of chlordecone.

QUALITY recognitions & LABELS