Since 1999, the GIRPA laboratory has demonstrated a great ability to master the different chapters of Good Laboratory Practices (G.L.P)

GLP 05

water - air - soil

GLP 06

Residues testing

GLP 08

Method validation


Toxicity, VICH49 certification...

           A selection tailored to your needs

A certification project is a binding project in which mistakes are not allowed and time is of essence. That is why we offer you a flexible organisation regarding our services :

  1. Development of analytical method(s),
  2. Conducting an Interlaboratory to validate a development by a third party,
  3. Validation of analytical method(s) (SANCO, VICH, M10...)
  4. Conducting pre-tests in order to validate the overall process and consider expected contents,
  5. Freezer storage stability,
  6. Planned study (Decline curve, OPEX, DFR, soil dissipation, dust, pollinator toxicity, biocides...)


We are convinced that the independence of multiple expert structures brings genuine added value to your projects.  We are part of a collective committed to developing ever more quality of service and local support. Therefore, we can provide you with a complete organisation of your testings from the field set-up to the result of the analysis.

direction of studies    

gwenaelle barbier

Director of studies BPL - ISO 17025
Specialist in analytical instrumentation

"Perseverance is the key to success !"

Séverine lefresne

Director of studies BPL - ISO 17025
Specialist in plant physiology

"To want is to be able"

quality department

Véronique pajaud

Quality, safety and environment manager
GLP reference - ISO 17025 - 17020

"The greatest freedom comes from the greatest discipline. "

timothée broute

GLP Quality Assistant,

Chemical Technician