We do not carry out the sampling but we support the structure performing it. We define and validate the right support on the physico-chemical aspect of the compounds of interest. We then perform the extraction of the support in order to quantify the active ingredients in relation to the volume sampled.

Please contact us for any inquiry you may have.

And many other products on request... The only limit would be the sample support!


When requesting an analysis, it is important to be able to define the regulatory framework, if it exists:


 COMMISSION DIRECTIVE 2002/63/EC of July 11th 2002  establishes community-wide methods of sampling for the official control of pesticide residues in and on products of plant and animal origin. This framework is a solid basis for considering any self-checking.

"The greatest uncertainty about the result comes from the sample."


The transfer of your samples from your site to our laboratory is a key step in your analysis. Several samples will have to be mixed in a container that will be road-tested before they reach us. We therefore advise you to :

  • Favour a double bagging of your sample, in the ad'hoc container which will prevent any risk of contamination, absorption ...
  • Choose the right transporter who will respect the cold chain if necessary, and guarantee delivery times,
  • Use our information sheets to facilitate the registration of your samples upon receipt.

The logistics department is at your disposal to take care of any of these stages, with the help of our network of delivery companies (ISO 9001 and ISO 14001) :